Bariatric Surgery & Pediatric WM Subunits

wm subunits


The Bariatric Surgery and Pediatric Weight Management Subunits along with the Weight and Wellness Coaching Subunit provide members educational opportunities as well as up-to-date information in these specialized fields of weight management.

Whether you have been involved in either of these fields for many years, or you are thinking about getting more involved, the Subunits will keep you informed.

These Groups are a FREE benefit to all WM DPG Members

You will have access to the Electronic Mailing Lists (EML)s, as well as Resources such as patient education materials, current, relevant research, and continuing education opportunities such as webinars and pediatric and bariatric-focused sessions at our annual Weight Management Symposium.

Not to mention, as a WM DPG member, you will have the ability to network nationally with other members who practice in these areas.

Share Information on WM EMLs

One of the benefits of membership in WM DPG is access to an electronic mailing list (EML).  To better serve our member needs, we have launched four electronic mailing lists using Yahoo groups.

These EMLs are only available to our membership. It is an excellent opportunity to network with other dietitians practicing in the area of weight management and allows you to post your questions and thoughts about weight management.

The four EMLs include:
  1. General Weight Management
  2. Bariatric Surgery Subunit
  3. Pediatric Weight Management Subunit
  4. Weight and Wellness Coaching Subunit