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Students--Renew Your WM DPG Membership Today!

Students--Don't miss out on the great member benefits coming your way in 2015.  The time to join or renew your membership is now!

Don't forget all of the development opportunities offered to student members:

  • Expand your knowledge outside of the classroom!
  • Receive our excellent quarterly WM DPG newsletter and have access to many educational tools on the website
  • FREE webinars
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Stipends to attend FNCE, Weight Management Symposium, Obesity Week, and more! Learn more.
  • Bariatric surgery, Pediatric AND Weight and Wellness Coaching subunits!

The time to join or renew is today!  Follow these instructions for joining or renewing DPG membership.

Questions?  Contact .

Network with other dietetics students via the Web-based Student Council Community of Interest (CoI), which connects Academy student members nationwide, provides a communication vehicle for your student representatives, allows you to access cutting-edge information about the profession, read useful Web sites and articles, share ideas and more.

Read on for more information:

Here’s How to Join:

  1. student-at-computerGo to the Student Community:  Click on “Go to Community
  2. Enter your e-mail address in the “Option A: Create a New Account” box
  3. Click “Continue” and fill out the form that appears-include your Academy member ID in the “Optional Message to Community Administrators” box for confirmation
  4. Click “Apply to Join” at the bottom.  You will receive an email with additional CoI information.

If you have any questions about the community email: .

Note: Bookmark and always enter the Student Community portal from this page. It will authenticate your student membership status that way. If you attempt to link directly into the portal you will not be granted access.