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Each year, WM DPG offers our members the opportunity to seek awards for excellence, receive stipends for attendance at national meetings, or apply for a WM DPG Fellowship. The goal is to enhance practitioners’ skills and promote dietitians in the field of weight management. The following information gives a brief overview of these WM DPG member benefit offerings. Members can access the full applications (many can be filled out online) by clicking the link at the end of each overview.

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WM Members are offered the following awards as a member benefit!

As a benefit to our members, we offer THREE $2,000 Awards that honor excellence and achievement in the field of weight management. The recipient of either the "Excellence in Weight Management for the Emerging Researcher Outcomes Research," "Excellence in Practice" or "Excellence in Research" award will receive a $2,000 check, travel assistance, and complimentary registration to the Symposium. The Award recipients must be willing to attend the Annual WM DPG Symposium held each spring. The recipient will be responsible for their own travel and hotel expenses.

Awards offered

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  • Excellence in Weight Management for the Emerging Researcher Outcomes Research
  • Excellence in Weight Management Practice Award
  • Excellence in Weight Management Outcomes Research Award
  • Rebecca Snowball Reeves Continuing Education Award

WM Members are offered the following stipends as a member benefit!

WM DPG offers stipends twice each year to members (professionals and students) to attend professional meetings for continuing education and professional development. These professional development stipends range from $750 to $1000. The stipends are one of the many benefits of WM membership.

Stipends are awarded for attendance at:

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  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE)
  • CDR Certificate of Training in Weight Management Programs (3 options)
  • Weight Management DPG Annual Symposium
  • Academy Public Policy Workshop

WM Members are offered the following WM Fellowship as a member benefit!

The WM DPG Fellowship supports the professional development of one RD to engage in a service learning project that promotes healthy lifestyle changes in the population. All active members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the WM DPG who have been in practice in the field of weight management for at least 5 years are eligible to apply for this Fellowship.

Overview of the WM Fellowship

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  • The project objective includes creating a tangible product, program, or outcome that furthers weight management and the RD's ability to effectively promote healthy lifestyle changes in a population.
  • The RD will work with a mentor from the WM DPG practice group to help guide them, if needed, in the design, implementation, or publication of the project.
  • The Fellowship is designed to be a year-long project that is expected to take approximately 15% of a registered dietitian's professional time. A stipend of $10,000 will be provided.

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