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If you are having troubles logging in, please check these steps to ensure you are entering the correct log in information:

The Academy and WM DPG membership year runs from June 1 through May 31. Are you having trouble logging in? Please confirm that you have renewed your WM DPG membership. Join WM DPG at  http://wmdpg.org/about-wm/join-wm/ .

Please direct questions to Rena Schaeffer, Member Services Director 

  1. Member ID:  enter your Academy Member #.
    • NOTE: If your Academy member number starts with zero(s), exclude them in when entering your Member ID.  (e.g., Academy # = "001111" then you enter "1111" for your WM DPG Member ID log in).
  2. Last name: enter your last name as listed in your Academy profile

If you just joined WM DPG in the past 24 hours, it may take up to 3 days to set up your profile in the WM DPG DPG database.  You will receive a "Welcome to the WM DPG DPG" email once your account is set up.

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Not a WM DPG Member?

If you are not a WM DPG Member but wish you were, please visit the Become a WM DPG Member page for detrails on how to join.

2 thoughts on “Log In Information

  1. Frances White

    I repeatedly put in member number and password but cannot log in. The password reset system does not seem to be working for me for some reason. Could you please help me log in. Thank you.

  2. Frances White

    It seems you are telling me that this is a duplicate comment. I do not remember ever making this comment, but, if so, how can I be helped to log in. Thank you for your help.

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