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WM Member Market Site: Criteria for Acceptance

The following criteria include the criteria with which a Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group (WM) member's product(s)/service(s) will be deemed acceptable for inclusion on the WM DPG Member Market Site (MMS). It also includes how the entries to MMS will be monitored and renewed over time. These criteria have been set forth by Academy in the DPG Policy and Procedure Manual in the Communication category, Policy Number: C-18.

  • Postings for one or more product(s)/service(s) to the WM DPG website on the MMS webpage are reserved to WM DPG members. The opportunity to market product(s)/service(s) is considered a member benefit.
  • There will be no fee for WM DPG members to post entries on the MMS.
  • The purpose of these postings is to support, promote, and advocate products, services, and events available to members for their purchase, acquisition, use or participation.
  • The product, business, or service posted must be wholly owned, or copyrighted by the WM DPG member submitting the product(s)/service(s). Products produced by Academy members for a non-profit organization (e.g., health care facility) that holds the copyright, must have written permission from that organization for a product to be included in the market site. Permission must be submitted with the submission form.
  • All product postings provided to MMS for consideration by the WM DPG should be generally recognized as being a product or service, which is beneficial to the health of the public and/or clients, or to dietetic practitioners in the performance of professional duties.
  • The WM DPG members must submit completed Submission Form(s) for each product(s)/service(s) entry.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by the WM DPG MMS Chair before the product(s)/service(s) is approved to be posted.
  • Inclusion of a product or service should not be considered as endorsement of the product or service by WM, WM DPG members, or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy). The following disclaimer will be included in print or on the MMS:
    • "This market site is provided for the benefit and convenience of WM DPG members. The fact that a product or service is included here does not suggest that it is endorsed, sponsored, or recommended by WM DPG or Academy. Members should form their own opinions about any such products or services."
  • WM reserves the right to refuse market site inclusion of a product whose nature/content may be considered discriminatory, personally offensive, or otherwise unacceptable.
  • WM reserves the right to evaluate all statements and visual images in product postings and to refuse to accept any posting or image that does not conform to WM DPG policy or philosophy.
  • It is the goal of WM DPG to continually update and keep current the MMS. Thus, entries that are accepted for the MMS will remain on the MMS for the duration of the member year (June 1 through May 31 of the following year). WM DPG members who have postings at MMS will by May 1 of each year be sent an e-mail notifying you that you need to review and renew your listing(s).  
  • The WM DPG name or logo may not appear on the product/services own website without the written permission of the WM DPG chair.
  • In an effort to avoid personal bias the WM DPG asks that no testimonials be used in the posting of products. Listee should make every effort to base postings on scientific principles, evidence-based dietetic practice, and current nutrition recommendations and accepted practice.
  • Statements regarding product(s)/services(s) shall not discredit or disparage another product. All statements must be accurate and must not be misleading, exaggerated, deceptive, open to misinterpretation or contrary to proven accepted facts.
  • Statements of properties, performance, nutrient values, etc., must be supported by adequate data (e.g. nutrition and/or ingredient information) and/or be a recognized health claim by the FDA.
  • Submissions for surveys or contests are not permitted.
  • Continuing education programs by any organization other than the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy) are subject to the terms and conditions as all other product postings.
  • Product postings must be identified by a trademark and/or signature of the advertiser.
  • All postings will be held to the Code of Ethics for the Profession of Dietetics.
  • WM makes no representation or guarantee that participation in the market site will increase a participant's sales, responses or revenues.
  • The WM DPG reserves the right to re-evaluate these criteria overtime.